Sometimes we wonder, should I buy a gun to protect myself and my family? We live in a day where there are a lot of economic hardships coming to everyone in our country. You seem to hear more and more about robberies , and or break-in’s and mass shooting everyday. These things are going on here in the Midwest or what some call small town USA. Where does this stop and when do you decide its time for your to protect yourself and or your family. I have always liked target shooting and of all things I guess I would be considered a recreational shooter. I do keep firearms at home for sport and home protection, but I think now it is time to start the process of getting an Indiana Unlimited License. The use I will file for is carry concealed for the purpose of protection of life and property. You can also carry for target shooting only if you wish.

Gun holster picture courtesy

Now once we file for our Indiana Permits and complete the proper paperwork and get all background history checks completed, Indiana doesn’t require anything else. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with a firearm. We need to pickup some classes  on our own to get some proper handgun training, hopefully with the guns we purchase. It seems to me that you don’t only need to learn how to handle your gun, but understanding how to decide when is a time to use it and when it is not. This will be just as much as a necessity as any.  Another challenge is one of us works in Ohio and the other works in a K12 School. Both will cause a problem b/c you cannot carry on school property and Ohio doesn’t recognize an Indiana Unlimited License. So we might have to enroll in an Ohio course (requires 12 hrs of training) or get an additional license that Ohio will recognize. With an Indiana and Utah License you can legally carry in Ohio, and I think 36 other states recognize the Utah permit. So my plan is learn the laws and rules, get licensed, purchase a gun, and get trained on how to use it and carry it correctly and responsibility. This will allow me to protect myself and others around me.

What would you do? Please leave a comment and let me know what your going to do, and how you feel about this topic. I have also posted a poll to see how people feel.


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