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I saw this coming.

On a recent trip to the Hatfield McCoy trails one of the guys that went decided to buy a Go Pro HD Camera($299 + Rollbar Mount). This was a great addition to our trip b/c you not only enjoy riding each day but you capture moments that you will never forget, or look back and enjoy parts of the ride a 2nd time. I would spend each night on the Macbook reviewing and marking the video for the highlights of our trip so we could create a DVD to watch later. Well in the world of Atv’s and trail riding we always say it not if your going to roll your ATV its when. This is like handwriting, everyone is different and unique. Just be sure when you do it your wearing all your safety gear.

If your interested here is a little background to the crash. The guy in the lead was our trail boss (1). He leads us through the trail system guided by maps. The camera had just been moved from the helmet of the crash victim  to the ATV bumper of rider 2. The guy that crashed was rider 3, 5 riders total.  We were headed down the mountain  coasting and riding our breaks( Trail as wide as a Highway. The downhill was so steep you could coast your ATV at 30 +. This downhill goes on for several min. The trail boss realizes that the group is gaining too much speed to safely handle the curves, so he starts trying to slow down. Remember loosing control on a hill like this means you go off the side of the mountain or run into it.  As the trail boss slows down he comes to a skidding stop that you can see in the video. Rider 2 (camera man) slows to a controlled stop. The idea was to get the group of 5 riders stopped and regroup to keep our speed down. Out of no where comes rider 3 but he tried to slow down but there was too much loose rock. Instead of stopping he slides into the side of the mountain and ramps the wall and jumps off. You can see in the video his ATV follows him. Luckily he had no serious injury’s but you can see that if he had not been wearing his helmet he could have had major head injury’s  Even though we watch it over and over again this is always a reminder to our group to always slow down and be as safe a possible. Then again Trail riding is about the adventure.

If you ever wanted your iPhone to alert you for notifications with something other than vibrating, and ringing this tip is for you. Thats right you can set your  iPhone camera flash to go off when you get any notification. I know this works on the iPhone 4, 4s and I am sure it must work on the 5. Goto Settings > General > Accessibility. Look under LED Flash for Alerts, toggle this from off to on. Thats it, when ever you have a notification on your phone you will see a visual response from your camera LED Flash. Awesome. Brings a new meaning to Man my phone is getting lit up.

A screenshot of my phone.

A screenshot of my phone.

If you love the A-10 Warthog you have to see this. It’s 17 min long but this is the exact show from inside and outside the A-10. I have seen this demo at the Dayton show in 2011. Sadly the Air Force funding was cut so the A-10 Demo Teams East, and West were cut along with the Viper ( F-16) East, and West Teams. This is one of the best demo’s I have seen. Enjoy. Notice the Go Pro Hero 2 Camera’s over the pilots shoulder and in the front. The same camera’s we used on our ATV’s.


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Welcome to the Butler Did it Blog.  Let me promise you one thing, the Butler will do all of this Blog.

I am going to blog, post videos, and show you things that I hope will teach you something valuable. You will come away with something that benefits you. It could be laughter, a problem you can now solve, or a fact that maybe you never heard of.  So many people ask me questions about everything, now lets just post it all here so I can share all the valuable content I create.