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Ammunition Shortage.jpgIn the last 6 months I am sure everyone that owns a gun is aware of the current ammunition shortage.  There is alot of speculation of why this has become a problem. The shortage doesn’t effect all types of ammo , atleast from what I am seeing. For instance if you shoot 7.62X54r your in luck Dunham’s has plenty military surplus as do the gunshows and other dealers. You can also find 12 gauge target loads about anywhere so skeet and trap shooters your in luck too. This biggest problem is for .223 .40 and 9mm ammo is the hardest to find. I have recently visited a local gun show to find pretty much nothing except guns.  I was searching for reloading supplies, ammo, and other misc items and found nothing but limited and overpriced ammo.  I am amazed how this is working out. As far as our local gun stores they have been getting a few boxes of ammo but they are usually $20 or more of hollow points.  I’m not really in favor of shooting that type of ammo for target practice. I did see 100rds of 9mm FMJ for $50, not a good deal.

Now lets discuss the root of this problem ,if you didn’t know  its the federal government. Since Obama was elected its pretty clear the liberals would love nothing more to remove the guns or ability to use them from law abiding US Citizens.  This would at any point in the future allow them to run us over with their style of government. Every dictator in history first disarmed their citizens first. I believe no matter what anyone says or what the Feds excuses are they are buying this ammo up to keep it from everyone else. THEY WANT TO WAGE A WAR AGAINST US.  They are draining the system of its supplies. There is no logical reason for this. The ammunition manufactures are filling gov orders and pushing everyone else to the back of the line. It goes farther than that, if you think reloading your own ammo will help you then good luck on getting supplies b/c the manufactures are buying bullets, powder, primers, and alot of supplies needed for reloading. You add this to the scare that Obama being elected and the Newtown shooting, everyone is buying anything they find. I am not sure what the solution is for this, but I wish there would be a real answer from someone at the federal government. DHS will not even answer to anyone even our own senators or congress. This is ridiculous, someone should get some real answers. Are we going to sit back and wait for them to eliminate a way for us to protect ourselves and our family. We cannot afford to let this happen.  This is a known problem and we need answers and a solution. Let me know what you guys think. I propose we start emailing manufactures of ammunition and ask them to stop selling ammo to the Federal Government until they give a concreate answer and proof of why they need 1.6 billion rounds and and other 360,000 in the last order. This isn’t for the US Military (they are getting cut) this is for the DHS, Department of Ag, FDA, IRS, you know all the federal agencies that need alot of ammo.  Even our local Law Enforcement agencies are having problems obtaining regular amounts of ammunition. You have read the news and there is more to this.  Some firearm manufactures are refusing to sell to state and local law enforcement agencies if the laws prohibit the residents of that state from owning them.  I wish they would restrict the Feds in the same way. with ammunition. This is an arms race with our own government against every us citizen. The worst part is we elect them and pay for them to make these decisions. I hope people are rethinking the last election and how they voted. This is what you get. Wait till it gets worse, it will be a log time before it get better. I just hope its not too late for our country.

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So You Still Need More Reasons Why Gun Control Is Wrong.

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How will you pay for and sustain this type of project?

Important note -I am not just talking about  the first year but how to continue to provide devices and support for the future and beyond.

When we first started talking about funding for this project 2 yrs ago I was asked by administration at lunch one day, what do your think a 1:1 project would cost for A K-12 deployment. My response was well thats a loaded question. I started thinking about infrastructure, devices , support models, any how our technology department would be turned upside down. I answered with 1.25 to 1.5 million. I told them this was a logical guess b/c not fully knowing what devices we were going to use and what type of upgrades our infrastructure needed. I based this on some quotes I had for laptops multiplied by our enrollment and adding 10% for spares and growth. Everything else was a logical guess. This was all I could do at that time. I couldn’t tell weather their reaction was good or bad. I answered the question, maybe I shouldn’t have.

We started by using some grant money to start a study on one to one and get some of our questions answered by visiting other schools that have a successful one to one programs .  We visited and talked to about 3 to 5 school corps around the state of Indiana. We discussed their project details with the school administration, teachers, and students at these schools. It was a very enjoyable experience getting to see schools with this kind of technology. The best advice we received was that you need to get the school corp to buy into this with additional funding outside of a normal technology budget. Most if not all technology budgets at least in public schools  cannot afford to start or sustain a project of this size. (Just a note, the best guess I gave our admin was an outright purchase of equipment.)  . I think it is reasonable to assume that a technology budget should be able to maintain services like software licensing, internet/wan connections and server systems. You also need the support of your administration including the schoolboard. They will be your anchor in your funding formula. There also needs to be extensive discussions with parents and teachers b/c they will be effected as well, this is a technology lifestyle change. Teachers will have additional training and need time for that. (time is money) Plus parents will see changes in textbook fees and expectations for their children . Some schools made their schoolboard meetings a one to one style for meeting agendas and notes. Once the school board was using this new technology and understanding the benefits it was much easier to request funding b/c they understand why this was needed. I thought this was a great idea, and believe it or not we didn’t do this for our own reasons that I will not get into.

One thing when it comes to funding of any kind is to be very cautious of is one time grants. Don’t get me wrong they are a great way for funding but its only temporary money. Imagine someone giving everyone in your local town a new laptop and internet(paid for by the grant). This is only good for as long as the device is new and works well. You are told this is a one time deal and there will be no replacement for these devices or internet connection in 5 yrs. So what happens in the 5 years. All devices are old outdated or broken and there is no internet. Now, if you used this grant and had a plan to maintain and replace these devices and keep the internet service going after the grant ran out that would be ok. I have just seen too many times when a government project was funded with a grant and never maintained after the initial project.  Grants are not bad they just need to be used with caution and future thought for funding after they have been exhausted.

In our specific situation our superintendent and school board setup a bond for our initial equipment and infrastructure overhaul . After the initial purchase and a year has went by ,some textbook funding can be allocated to the project. Each year more and more money can be used from textbook funds to pay for the devices. In our situation textbooks will not be purchased and the administrators and staff will use older textbook information and the internet to create a digital textbook customized towards  our specific curriculum (Common Core). Keep in mind I don’t know alot about school budgets, bonds and how to move money around , I am really focused on the technology side of things,  plus thats what I get paid to do. We also stay out of the curriculum part as well.

Here is what we decided to do.

  • Lease student and staff hardware for 4 yrs. (9-12 students, all staff  in 2 separate leases) We will own the devices and trade them in for credit towards the new devices in 4 years. This was simpler and more cost effective. There are other leasing options  but this is what fit our situation best.
  • All other items were payed from the technology bond. (Labor, Infrastructure, other misc items
  • Professional Development was added to the lease.

I havent see the final numbers but I think we spent less than 500k on the first year for our infrastructure, devices, training, and software.  Remember this was with a lease for devices for the 1st year, the lease payment will occur each year. Plus all the infrastructure upgrades, Servers, Network hardware, cabling, and wireless will have to be evaluated every 3 to 5 yrs to be sure they can perform as needed.

This is in a nutshell how we started our Schools fundung for One to One project.

Stay Tuned for Part 3 – Will your technology infrastructure handle this project for the next 3-5 yrs? (Servers , Network, Wireless, Internet Bandwidth, Webfilter, Firewall,etc)

What is one to one computing?

See this Link –

one to one

Some history and information before we get started.

I’m going to start a blog series on a project I have been privileged to be a part of. I currently work for a public K12 school corporation in Indiana as a head network administrator, but lets be real here I deal with everything that plugs into the wall on a day to day basis. This is not by choice but by necessity b/c public schools are really under funded.  This causes a variety of issues or problem that force departments like mine to take on more work and wear many hats. That being said a one to one project will be very challenging if nothing is done to expand our department. Can it be done , yes but other things can and will suffer.

Planning years in advance is essential

Lets go over some things you should consider when planning a project this size and type.

  • How will you pay for this project ( not just the first year but continue to provide devices and support for the future and beyond)?
  • Will your technology infrastructure handle this project for the next 3-5 yrs? (Servers , Network, Wireless, Internet Bandwidth, Webfilter, Firewall,etc)
  • What curriculum do you have and how can it be delivered electronically. (This can take time for teachers and administrators to develop.)
  • What mobile devices fit your curriculum delivery best.(iPad, Android, or Windows Tablet. Full Laptop, Netbook, etc)
  • How will you manage all of these devices on your network? (Installing software, updates and Mait, etc)
  • Are the devices you selected certified or recommended for use with online testing. (This is a big deal, and may require you to keep some physical computer labs)
  • How will you insure the devices , if they are damaged , lost , or stolen?
  • How much professional development (training) will be available for staff and even students?
  • How will your technology department handle this new workload efficiently, without effecting other work assigned to them?

All of the above are very important in this planning process. I will address this in the next series of post on this blog.

I will leave you with this question.

Can you afford to implement this project more than once? If you said no then we have alot of planning to do.

See realtime tracking on the website. Choose your ammo type, then see almost realtime tracking. Now you know where to buy your ammo. It will not help the price come down but this is better than nothing.9mm FMJ


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