TN State Sen to Piers Morgan: ‘Now That Gun Control Has Failed When Are You Moving Back To The UK?’

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Guns and the 2nd Amendment, Politics and the US Government

This guy just doesn’t get it. Piers Morgan go home, don’t flood our media with your crap. Guns ,pressure cookers and any other objects cannot hurt anyone unless someone takes control of it or builds it. The problem is the crazy people that get them and want to bring harm to others. Listen to our TN Senator he know what he is talking about, as do many others. It’s sad if you don’t want to go home b/c maybe no one wants you there either.

Sheeple: People unable to think for themselves


“We’re talking about an inanimate object that does nothing by itself,” said Campfield comparing a firearm to a pressure cooker. “It does absolutely nothing by itself just like a pressure cooker does absolutely nothing by itself.”

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