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The Pooter Tooter

pooter tooter

Perfect for Reproducing Elevator Farts, or any Fart Gag Situation…The Ulitmate Fart Joke Prank…

No batteries. One piece unit. Conceals nicely in the palm of the hand. Ready to go anytime. And with a little practice, it produces many types of flatulence sounds from the short high pitched squeaker to the long drawn out fart. It truly sounds exactly like the real fart sounds we all produce. Not electronic sounding or repetitious like the battery operated units. Since 1981 The Pooter Tooter fart machine has been used on countless TV shows as a realistic sound effect, and by many celebrities on talk shows, business meetings, social events and my all time favorite…in the elevator. Just moisten the palm of the hand and place the hole at a point where the air has some resistance escaping. Remember to squeeze slowly for the best flatulent sound effects. Your friends will be saying “here comes the old fart bag”. No matter what age you are, or how dull your sense of humor is, everybody chuckles to the sound of an accidental toot. Ever since the whoopee cushion first came out, people have been trying to reproduce the farting noise. Now we have finally achieved it to a very realistic status.

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Information for this blog was from the Pooter Tooter website.