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Seems like those of us who believe in our 2nd amendment and just enjoy shooting as a sport are getting frustrated finding supplies. Trust me they are out there. Here Gunpowder_by_FX_1988is a link to a new powder we are going to try. We mainly reload pistol and some rifle. This powder has the same burn properties as red dot but more dense. Other than paying for handling at $27.50 its a really good deal at $97.50 for 8lbs. Some other brands are almost as cheap but all out of stock.


Check it out – Alliant Promo Powder 8 Pounds

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for you shooting and reloading supplies.


I am not sure what I think about this exactly. I watched the whole Oversight of the Federal Government’s Procurement of Ammunition Part I and DHS was questioned, but I wonder if this has something to do with the Committee asking them to cut back on their ammo supplies, and get some credibility.  See if you watched the several hour hearing you would notice that DHS has had an ammo quality issue in the past, so this made them purchase some additional ammunition to have on hand incase they had another problem. So the congressional committee requested that they check into not stockpiling ammo and this would have caused DHS to goto manufactures and ask in advance how quickly they could fill an order since they wouldn’t be stocking as much. It also sounds like they can not let ammo run low if there is a quality control problem, then if they are holding out for 6 months for the next order that could be bad.

I think the biggest question is , is DHS buying too much ammo to remove ammo from the market for the average gun owner? Think about this you cannot buy 22lr, DHS doesn’t use that caliber. Is it possible we the people are buying along with DHS and everything is in high demand. Remember this all started in 2008, and I think we all know what caused that.

Watch the first of several videos on the House Oversight committee questioning DHS. Very Interesting. I’m not sticking up for them but I am just playing devils advocate here. I just wonder if the hearing caused this news article to appear. DHS also claimed that they had never procured 1.6 billion in the first place. Don’t get me wrong this is real fishy, and I am positive they haven’t been truthful.

Oversight of the Federal Government’s Procurement of Ammunition Part I

The Department of Homeland Security has released a market survey asking companies if they are able to provide 2 million rounds of ammunition within a short time period, increasing concerns that the federal agency is continuing its arms build up in preparation for domestic unrest.

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NY Gun Confiscation Starts & May Set Precedent For Gun Confiscation Across The Nation.

See realtime tracking on the website. Choose your ammo type, then see almost realtime tracking. Now you know where to buy your ammo. It will not help the price come down but this is better than nothing.9mm FMJ


.223/5.567.62×39 | 22lr | 9mm | .308/7.62×51 | .45 ACP | .300 AAC & Whisper | .40 S&W | 5.45×39 | .380 Auto | 5.7×28 | 10mm | 30-06 | 6.8 SPC | .357 Magnum | .38 Special ]

Gun dealers report shortages of ammunition

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9mm FMJ

If you haven’t noticed there are empty shelves at all Gun Stores and all the big retailers that carry firearms and ammunition. Sure you will see what looks like a bit of inventory but most is always Shotgun target loads and limited rifle rounds.

Even shopping online gets interesting when you see this listed at the top of every page in the ammo section.

PLEASE NOTE: Our apologies, but due to extremely high demand, some of our suppliers are unable to provide us with reliable shipping dates for some of the backordered items below. As a result, shipment of these items could be delayed beyond the stated availability date. In addition, because some suppliers have indicated they may change our costs without notice, our prices on some backordered products may be subject to change. We remain dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products available at the lowest prices anywhere.

This was at the – This picture above is also from the

I also personally shop at about 5 local Gun shops and they all have very limited supplies as well.  If you want just the personal protection ammo I did find some of that has started to trickle in to the small shops.  I visit my local stores 1 time per week and try to pickup a box of 50 9mm FMJ shells for training and general practice. Today I was able to get 100 9mm FMJ but I bought all they had in stock. I haven’t narrowed down all the ammo types that are had to find but it seems to me FMJ or general purpose ammo for all calibers except .25 auto and .38 are all in short supply. I have also heard that .45 caliber is able to be ordered but is somewhat delayed and limited. I am by no means a gun expert I am only sharing what I know, so forgive me if any of my knowledge of ammunition is lacking in this post.  I did visit the Indianapolis Gun Show and there was plenty of ammo to be purchased but there we no deals to be had. The 2nd problem is ammo is going up in price either due to demand or the fact retailers know they can get more $$$$. My local Dealers here have been about $5 higher on some ammo  so its not terrible, but some cause for alarm in this new economy we are in today.

I have seen little no evidence locally of cleaning supplies and gun parts becoming hard to find (Except AR15 Parts Mainly Lowers) but I do not shop alot for those items either.   I do know for a fact that Walmart is limiting boxes of ammunition to 3 boxes per customer. They said they are getting 1 truck a week but once it came in the first person bought a case or everything they had, so they implemented the limit. Another Store told me they had 9mm ammo but I could only buy a box if I bought a new gun that used it. They said who wants to buy a gun and not be able to buy ammo. I understand that.

My current plan is to buy a box of 50 every few weeks to practice at the range and maybe pickup some good hollow-points once and awhile to keep put back to use when I carry. I also can’t forget to get my Mosin Nagant some 7.62 x 54r surplus ammo.  Boy is that a fun gun to shoot. Great history behind that gun, I did see the local store has ammo for it at $89 for a spam can containing 440 rounds.

One last thought,  some will say why not reload? Well after talking to our local reloading supplier and him telling us and I quote,” I am almost sold out of everything”. So our current situation is effecting people who need reloading supplies as well.

Please share your thoughts on this situation with me, maybe everyone else is seeing something different in their area.

Thanks for reading.