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IphoneHave you ever had problems with your iPhone reconnecting to wireless networks? Once you join a wireless network you would think it would automatically connect to known wifi networks without anything else needing done. Maybe some wireless networks auto connect and some do not. This could also happen to iPads. Today I found something interesting about this problem. Lets say you have a network called linksys, or netgear.  This would be the default SSID (Service set identification) or what you see when you connect a wireless device or to a wireless network. Since this is a defualt SSID there is a good chance you will run into more than 1 of these SSID’s with your phone. For some reason the iPhone will choose to only auto connect to 1 of the SSID’s like linksys or netgear etc.  Sure you can manually connect to that network but that’s not as easy , especially if your not thinking about it. Next thing you know your using your cellular providers network to steam video, music, facebook or email (alot slower). The answer is pretty simple, you need to change your SSID  from the default. So for example if your home wifi isn’t connecting then you need to change your SSID in your router at home. Be sure to make your SSID Unique. Click here for suggestions.  Once you change your default SSID you should only have to reconnect to it one time.  Remember to always follow wireless best practices for your own protections and network security. There will be wireless networks that you cannot change or adjust but atleast making your home SSID unique will fix your phone’s auto connect problems at your own home. Also after you change your SSID you will have to manually rejoin all wireless devices to your network atleast 1 time.

Here is a link to a common router from linksys and instructions on how to change your SSID

Linksys WRT54G – Click Here