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Indiana Permit SampleAs current Indiana Residents my wife and I have applied for our Indiana Handgun License. Those of you that are interested I thought I would take you through our process. It was pretty simple but it will be awhile before for all the paper work is processed .

First Think ahead of what option you will choose

4 Yr Hunt/Target $5 State Fee/$10 Local Agency Fee

4 Yr Pers Protect $30 State Fee/$10 Local Agency Fee

Dealer’s Personal Protection Permit – Fee Exempt

Life Hunt/Target no Current Lic $25 State/$50 Local Fee

Life Hunt/Target w/ Current Lic $20 State/$40 Local Fee

Life Pers Protect no Current License $75 State/$50 Local

Life Pers Protect w/ Current License $60 State/$40 Local

Retired Corrections Officer – Fee Exempt

Retired Police Officer – Fee Exempt

We choose the option in bold


The second step is to go online to this website –

Follow the instructions on the form

1. All questions must be answered.
3. The applicant must visit his/her local law enforcement agency with payment to complete.

You will be asked to pick the county you live in. This will help the system send the completed form the the correct local law enforcement agency or make it accessable to them.

Once the form is completed you are taken to a confirmation page with a number for your application. Save it or print it you will need this later.

You will also see this

You are required to complete one of the two options below:

Option 1

Expedited Application Process with L­1 Identity Solutions

You may choose to expedite the process of your application by scheduling an appointment with L­1 Identity Solutions. L­1 will submit your fingerprints electronically to the Indiana State Police and they will collect your state application fee. This method requires an additional $9.95.

You will need to provide your application number shown above when you arrive at your scheduled appointments.

A. Follow the link on the page to the L­1 scheduling. Click Here
B. Register, make payments electronically, and get fingerprinted before going to your local law enforcement agency.
C. Go to your local law enforcement agency.

Option 2

Visit your local law enforcement agency within the next 30 days. You will need to provide your application number shown above when you arrive. You will be fingerprinted, asked to provide necessary signatures and your payments will be collected by your local law enforcement agency.

In addition to your application number, you will need to provide the following:

1. A picture ID / Drivers License
2. A money order for state fees and local fees: Life Pers Protect no Current License $75 State/$50 Local

We decided to do option 2 , b/c the even though it takes longer we have to drive out of town and make an appointment to get this done electronically. The Sheriffs office told us it would cut the time from 16 weeks for processing to about 8 weeks. That was ok for us so we just did old school ink fingerprints.

So we made our way to our local Sheriffs Department to process our online application exactly 1 week later. I think you can only wait up to 30 days. When we arrived we had to show our photo ID and we told them we had filled the paperwork out online. They looked our forms up and checked , and printed them, then they had us fill out fingerprinting forms. We paid them $50 per person for the processing. They took us to the back to be fingerprinted on the forms we had filled out. Once that was completed they gave us our envelopes with all of our paperwork and the fingerprint forms and that was it for our Local Law Enforcement’s part. They told us to put a mail order check for $75 made out to the state of Indiana in each envelope, then mail it. Addresses were already on the envelopes. So we went to the post office and they helped us take car of that. FYI, they can take a debit card but not a credit card for some reason.  I think it has something to do with an amount being charged for the transaction.

Now we wait 16 weeks. I think in the meantime we will practice safe shooting and handling habits and get some training on how to safely and properly carry a handgun.

All this information posted and accurate on 1/17/2013

Some processing procedures could be different depending on your local law enforcement agency. Our experience was a very smooth and this made it a very easy process.

After this we need to get a UTAH permit so we can legally carry in OHIO. Crazy how that works. I hope to share that in the future.

For more information on Permits by state goto

The sample permit was from the website.