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Indiana Permit SampleAs current Indiana Residents my wife and I have applied for our Indiana Handgun License. Those of you that are interested I thought I would take you through our process. It was pretty simple but it will be awhile before for all the paper work is processed .

First Think ahead of what option you will choose

4 Yr Hunt/Target $5 State Fee/$10 Local Agency Fee

4 Yr Pers Protect $30 State Fee/$10 Local Agency Fee

Dealer’s Personal Protection Permit – Fee Exempt

Life Hunt/Target no Current Lic $25 State/$50 Local Fee

Life Hunt/Target w/ Current Lic $20 State/$40 Local Fee

Life Pers Protect no Current License $75 State/$50 Local

Life Pers Protect w/ Current License $60 State/$40 Local

Retired Corrections Officer – Fee Exempt

Retired Police Officer – Fee Exempt

We choose the option in bold


The second step is to go online to this website –

Follow the instructions on the form

1. All questions must be answered.
3. The applicant must visit his/her local law enforcement agency with payment to complete.

You will be asked to pick the county you live in. This will help the system send the completed form the the correct local law enforcement agency or make it accessable to them.

Once the form is completed you are taken to a confirmation page with a number for your application. Save it or print it you will need this later.

You will also see this

You are required to complete one of the two options below:

Option 1

Expedited Application Process with L­1 Identity Solutions

You may choose to expedite the process of your application by scheduling an appointment with L­1 Identity Solutions. L­1 will submit your fingerprints electronically to the Indiana State Police and they will collect your state application fee. This method requires an additional $9.95.

You will need to provide your application number shown above when you arrive at your scheduled appointments.

A. Follow the link on the page to the L­1 scheduling. Click Here
B. Register, make payments electronically, and get fingerprinted before going to your local law enforcement agency.
C. Go to your local law enforcement agency.

Option 2

Visit your local law enforcement agency within the next 30 days. You will need to provide your application number shown above when you arrive. You will be fingerprinted, asked to provide necessary signatures and your payments will be collected by your local law enforcement agency.

In addition to your application number, you will need to provide the following:

1. A picture ID / Drivers License
2. A money order for state fees and local fees: Life Pers Protect no Current License $75 State/$50 Local

We decided to do option 2 , b/c the even though it takes longer we have to drive out of town and make an appointment to get this done electronically. The Sheriffs office told us it would cut the time from 16 weeks for processing to about 8 weeks. That was ok for us so we just did old school ink fingerprints.

So we made our way to our local Sheriffs Department to process our online application exactly 1 week later. I think you can only wait up to 30 days. When we arrived we had to show our photo ID and we told them we had filled the paperwork out online. They looked our forms up and checked , and printed them, then they had us fill out fingerprinting forms. We paid them $50 per person for the processing. They took us to the back to be fingerprinted on the forms we had filled out. Once that was completed they gave us our envelopes with all of our paperwork and the fingerprint forms and that was it for our Local Law Enforcement’s part. They told us to put a mail order check for $75 made out to the state of Indiana in each envelope, then mail it. Addresses were already on the envelopes. So we went to the post office and they helped us take car of that. FYI, they can take a debit card but not a credit card for some reason.  I think it has something to do with an amount being charged for the transaction.

Now we wait 16 weeks. I think in the meantime we will practice safe shooting and handling habits and get some training on how to safely and properly carry a handgun.

All this information posted and accurate on 1/17/2013

Some processing procedures could be different depending on your local law enforcement agency. Our experience was a very smooth and this made it a very easy process.

After this we need to get a UTAH permit so we can legally carry in OHIO. Crazy how that works. I hope to share that in the future.

For more information on Permits by state goto

The sample permit was from the website.


Winchester Gun SafeAs times begin to change in this world or really in this country we always want to feel safe. To do that most of us turn to our 2nd Amendment, our guns. So if we have guns to keep us safe, who is looking after our guns when we are not around? Sure we might legally carry a firearm with us but what about what we leave at home. This is why my wife and I decided to go looking for a gun safe. With the economy in the state its in there are more and more break-in’s or home thefts each year.  The last thing we wanted to do was come home and find what firearms we have were missing. We set out to find a nice safe for under $350 to install somewhere in our home. This will not only protect our guns from theft but it will keep them clean, and out of the hands of anyone in our home but us. This is really important with children weather they are yours or someone else’s. This will also make a nice place to store ammo and other valuables. As it turns out most local suppliers around us seem to stock a few but have more around the Christmas Season, then they run them on sale after the holidays. Most small gun retailers do not stock them b/c of size, weight and sales floor real-estate they consume. We headed to Muncie Indiana to goto all stores we though might stock gun safes. Here is a list of where we looked.

  • Menards  – Decent Selection but not in our price range.
  • Rual King – Decent Selection but not in our price range. Smaller safes sold out
  • Dunhams – Great Selection of Stack-On Safes and a small one for $369 on sale almost $200 off
  • MC Sports Checked online – Showed none online so we didn’t stop, heard they have them
  • Walmart – 2 Safes in stock but normally they are not an in store item. $499 and up is all they had. Big selection online though.
  • Tractor Supply – Several Winchester Brand Safes, out of stock but they can order one, and have shipments every Thursday.

After looking we pretty much decided to get the Winchester TS-9 small safe. Here are the Specs and a link to the product from TSC.  Winchester Gun Safe, 10 Gun Capacity

The Winchester® Gun Safe will protect your firearms and valuables from theft.

  • California DOJ compliant
  • Mechanical dial lock
  • Holds up to 10 long guns
  • Recessed door
  • 2-way bolt work
  • 1 in. diameter locking bolts
  • 3-spoke handle
  • Gray interior with removable shelf
  • Durable granite gloss powder paint finish
  • 55 in. H x 18 in. W x 15 in. D
  • Cubic Size: 8-3/4 cu. ft.
  • Weight: 147 lb.
  • 1 year limited warranty

This is what I would call a small entry level safe. For us in my home we only have 3 rifles and 1 pistol to store in the safe.  I will try to add some shelves for ammo and cleaning supplies. The problem now is getting the safe. For some reason (could be the Obama Gun Ban Stuff) all the small safes are out of stock at TSC and the warehouse. I have called both the Muncie and the Greenville stores closest to us to see if they had any coming this week or on order. Looks like we might have to order from TSC online or order at the store. Says it takes 5 to 10 days to get it at the store for pickup.

We looked and measured to find a good place to put the safe and somewhat hidden. I think we will put the safe inside a cloths closet just so its not out in a room out in the open. After looking through our house this made the most sense to us. We will install the safe by bolting it to the wall or floor. All the safes we looked at had the hardware to do that included.

This is my experience so far with Gun Safes. I hope you are able to put this information to use if you go looking for one.

Check out

More about their safes –

The Winchester name stands for a history of reliability and integrity.  Each Winchester Safe is manufactured to enhance the reputation for quality and workmanship that customers expect.  Winchester Safes are manufactured to exact tolerances and Underwriters Laboratories requirements and are monitored consistently in the production process for compliance.  This is your assurance that your Winchester Safe is the “best safe in the industry.”

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Each Winchester Safe comes with a transferable, Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
Free Replacement Guarantee
If your Winchester Safe is ever damaged in a fire or burglary attack, we will repair or replace the safe Free of Charge.  The Free Replacement Guarantee service includes:
     – Free replacement safe
     – Free locksmith service to open the safe
     – Free curbside delivery of the replacement safe
Your Winchester Safe truly gives you the peace of mind that you want when storing your valuables. For complete details go to Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Environmentally Friendly
In all cases possible, Winchester Safes utilize recycled materials.  These recycled items can be found in our packaging, interior and even the steel itself.  We use a VOC free powder paint finish that doesn’t emit any chemicals into the environment.
Battle of Lexington & Concord

Battle of Lexington & Concord

The White House has announced that they are considering an executive order on gun control. That’s right, they are thinking about bypassing congress and essentially dictating US law without the representatives of the states and the people as a check and balance on totalitarianism.

Vice President Joe Biden, according to the Washington Times, said: “There are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet. But we’re compiling it all with the help [of] theattorney general and all the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action we believe is required.

We’ve been warned about these days for centuries. Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Robert E. Lee, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and others have been warning us of what could happen if we don’t put a check on tyranny — it eventually grows into a full-fledged dictatorship.

This Is Unconstitutional Tyranny

Gun control is evil enough. But it’s even worse when it’s done in violation of the Constitution of the United States. The meaning of the Second Amendment is clear… gun control is unconstitutional for the same reason “media control” violates the First Amendment. This includes so-called “assault weapons”. The Constitution explicitly says:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

But even more fundamentally, the president does NOT have the power to create legislation. Article 1, Section 1 of the Constitution is very clear:

“All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”

All legislative powers are in congress — not the president. If he chooses to enact gun control — in any form — it is a constitutional crisis, and he has chosen to become a dictator no matter how “slight” the policy might change things. This is huge. This is what we’ve been warned about.

The stakes are high, to say the least. When a people become disarmed, they stop being citizens. They become slaves with privileges rather than citizens with rights.

Obama is supposedly a “constitutional scholar”. He knows exactly what he’s doing and what it means. He seeks dictator powers. It’s that simple.

The last time a dictator tried to disarmed the American people, we had the Battle of Lexington and Concord, and a 200+ year experiment in natural rights was launched. Hopefully, Barack Obama will learn the lesson. If not, then God help us all, because we’ll be moving into a constitutional crisis the likes of which we haven’t seen in years.

Please fight back by creating as much outrage and backlash as possible. Spread the word.

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The Pooter Tooter

pooter tooter

Perfect for Reproducing Elevator Farts, or any Fart Gag Situation…The Ulitmate Fart Joke Prank…

No batteries. One piece unit. Conceals nicely in the palm of the hand. Ready to go anytime. And with a little practice, it produces many types of flatulence sounds from the short high pitched squeaker to the long drawn out fart. It truly sounds exactly like the real fart sounds we all produce. Not electronic sounding or repetitious like the battery operated units. Since 1981 The Pooter Tooter fart machine has been used on countless TV shows as a realistic sound effect, and by many celebrities on talk shows, business meetings, social events and my all time favorite…in the elevator. Just moisten the palm of the hand and place the hole at a point where the air has some resistance escaping. Remember to squeeze slowly for the best flatulent sound effects. Your friends will be saying “here comes the old fart bag”. No matter what age you are, or how dull your sense of humor is, everybody chuckles to the sound of an accidental toot. Ever since the whoopee cushion first came out, people have been trying to reproduce the farting noise. Now we have finally achieved it to a very realistic status.

To get your very own Pooter Tooter goto

Information for this blog was from the Pooter Tooter website.

IphoneHave you ever had problems with your iPhone reconnecting to wireless networks? Once you join a wireless network you would think it would automatically connect to known wifi networks without anything else needing done. Maybe some wireless networks auto connect and some do not. This could also happen to iPads. Today I found something interesting about this problem. Lets say you have a network called linksys, or netgear.  This would be the default SSID (Service set identification) or what you see when you connect a wireless device or to a wireless network. Since this is a defualt SSID there is a good chance you will run into more than 1 of these SSID’s with your phone. For some reason the iPhone will choose to only auto connect to 1 of the SSID’s like linksys or netgear etc.  Sure you can manually connect to that network but that’s not as easy , especially if your not thinking about it. Next thing you know your using your cellular providers network to steam video, music, facebook or email (alot slower). The answer is pretty simple, you need to change your SSID  from the default. So for example if your home wifi isn’t connecting then you need to change your SSID in your router at home. Be sure to make your SSID Unique. Click here for suggestions.  Once you change your default SSID you should only have to reconnect to it one time.  Remember to always follow wireless best practices for your own protections and network security. There will be wireless networks that you cannot change or adjust but atleast making your home SSID unique will fix your phone’s auto connect problems at your own home. Also after you change your SSID you will have to manually rejoin all wireless devices to your network atleast 1 time.

Here is a link to a common router from linksys and instructions on how to change your SSID

Linksys WRT54G – Click Here